The Complete Service

Custom Fluid Tanks

TanksBuilt to your specifications!

Custom built for any application

•    Hydraulic, Fuel, and Coolant Tanks

•    Leak and pressure tested prior to delivery

•    Any shape or size


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Hydraulic Catheads

Cathead AssemblyMuch safer then traditional cathead designs.

Much safer than traditional catheads!

•    Easy to install, weld base pad and bolt down

•    Only operates when activated, hydraulically driven

•    Adjust position with hydraulic ram

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Pump Shacks

Fabrication of custom pump-shacks to meet your needs.

Custom built for each client

•    Comes in Standard or Super Light versions

•    Each pump-shack is built to clients unique specifications

•    Includes everything you need to start drilling

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Removable Drilling Units

Why worry about road bans, allows transport anytime of the year.

Removable skid transports drawworks, engine, transmission, etc all separate from carrier

•    Setup onsite in 15 minutes or less

•    Save over 50,000 lbs on your transport weight

•    Transport all year without worrying about road bans

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Pump Conversion Kits

conversionConvert short body pumps to long body style. 

Save thousands on buying a long body!

•    We can convert most any brand

•    Protect your power end. Keep it clean and running smooth.

•    We house a 5000 square foot facility dedicated to pump repairs and conversions

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